Soothe hayfever sore throats with these natural remedies

Soothe hayfever sore throats with these natural remedies

This year’s hayfever season is well underway, where millions of Britons will suffer with symptoms including sneezing, runny noses, puffy eyes and sore throats.

But what natural remedies can help hayfever? And what role does honey play in preventing the symptoms?

Manuka Honey and Lemons

Honey and Hayfever

At this time of year, many look to honey as a potential treatment for hay fever.

Traditionally it has often been claimed local honey may be particularly effective for easing hayfever symptoms. The theory goes that as it contains tiny amounts of local pollen, it can desensitise your immune system to the pollens in your specific area.

But a 2002 research paper from the University of Connecticut found local honey doesn’t necessarily help more than any other honey for hayfever relief.

In it, the Scientists divided people with hayfever into three groups, including one which took raw local honey, and found little difference between the groups. 1

The paper reports this may be because pollen in honey comes from the flowers the bees feed on, and these particles are much heavier than the lighter pollens from trees and grass that usually trigger hay fever symptoms.

Of course, if you enjoy eating local honey and you feel it’s working for natural hayfever relief, carry on – it’s certainly not going to harm you. And while the ‘local honey theory’ has been challenged, honey of all types may still have a role to play this Summer, including Manuka….

Hayfever Sore Throat

Because Manuka honey is known to have particularly powerful anti-inflammatory properties, it may be especially helpful. It could also help if throat irritation’s one of your hay fever symptoms – for example by trying it in a soothing hot drink as a remedy.

The glands in your nose and throat make a huge amount of mucus every day, reports the American Academy of Otolaryngology. This mucus has many important functions, such as keeping your nose clean and moistening the air you breathe, and you usually swallow it without realising. Sometimes however, people may notice mucus dripping down the back of their nose or pooling in their throat. This unpleasant sensation is known as postnasal drip, and it can be caused by allergies like hayfever.

If you have postnasal drip, the trickle of mucus can irritate your throat and cause soreness and other symptoms, such as feeling a lump in the throat or swallowing more frequently. It may also make you feel the need to clear your throat more often.

That’s where Manuka Doctor’s honey-based Syrup and Lozenges could help.

Thanks to containing extra Vitamins like Zinc and B12, both of these products are approved to support Immunity by the European Food Standards Agency (EFSA) as well as providing a soothing remedy for sore throats from the pure Manuka contents within.

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