Introducing The Loyalty Hive

Introducing The Loyalty Hive

The Loyalty Hive is Manuka Doctor’s new and improved loyalty programme.

From the 1st November 2023 you will begin earning Hive Points automatically.

The programme replaces our old loyalty scheme where you could only redeem credit on skincare and supplements.

Whereas with the new Loyalty Hive scheme you can spend your points on EVERY product we sell – even including Manuka honey – and also earn points in a number of different ways.

So how does it work?

Your Hive Points are linked to your email address. This means you will earn them automatically every time you make an order. To check your balance or redeem points then you will need to be logged into your account using your email address.

Read more about logging into your account here.

How do I earn Hive Points?

For every 10 cents you spend on products you will earn 1 point. So €1 = 10 points. €10 = 100 points. €100 = 1,000 points. This does not include your shipping costs.

You will also be able to earn Hive Points for taking actions such as liking us on Facebook or Instagram (100 free points) or signing up to our email list (200 free points). You will be able to see these Loyalty Hive Missions when you log into your account (so we know who to allocate the points to).

If you refer a friend who makes an order with us for the first time then you will receive a huge 2,000 points and they will also get 15 per cent off. Simply generate a unique link to give your friend, available when you log into your Loyalty Hive account.

For more information on how to refer a friend and earn extra Hive Points please click here.

And because we’re very thankful to have you as a customer, if you tell us your date of birth in your Loyalty Profile, we will give you a free 200 points on your next birthday!

How do I spend Hive Points?

You will need to reach 100 points before you can start exchanging them for money off.

100 Hive Points is equivalent to a €1 discount off an order.

This discount is redeemed at checkout, it is not automatically applied so you will need to log-in and apply your discount to the order.

Please note you cannot use your Hive Points and a discount code in the same order.

And remember, you can use Hive Points on ANY product we sell.

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