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70 MGO Mānuka Honey 500g

70 MGO Mānuka Honey 500g

“Amazing quality and taste. Will recommend this product”

Samba G.


240 MGO Mānuka Honey 250g - Monofloral

240 MGO Mānuka Honey 250g - Monofloral

“I love manuka honey! Great product, essential part of my health regime.”

Janice G.


Check your Manuka’s paper trail.

Every pot we sell can be traced right back to the group of bee-hives where it was created in New Zealand.

Plus, to guarantee the Manuka we harvest is the genuine article we test our honey five times before sale at independent laboratories both in New Zealand and in the UK.

We call this our Hive to Home promise.

You can see the results of the scientific tests conducted on your honey simply by typing in the batch number printed on the side of your pot into our checker below.

What do these test results mean?

FERA is a Government backed laboratory in York, UK. They test every batch of Manuka honey we produce to check the level of Methylglyoxal (MGO) which relates to the honey’s anti-microbial strength and is the number printed on the front of every pot.

ANALYTICA is an independent laboratory in New Zealand. They test every batch of Manuka honey we produce to ensure it meets the NZ Government’s strict science definition for Manuka honey, often called the MPI Standard. This involves testing for four naturally occurring chemical markers and a DNA test to prove the honey is genuine Manuka from New Zealand.


Can Manuka Honey help allergies?

Anyone with an allergy will know it can be a struggle to manage symptoms. But there’s some anecdotal evidence that honey in general – and Manuka Honey in particular – may have a role in helping staying on top of them.

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Asthma, coughs and World Asthma Month. Experts recommend honey

Honey is better for coughs and colds than over-the-counter medicines says Oxford University.

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