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What's so special about our supplements?

Genuine New Zealand Manuka

Certified to New Zealand Government standard. 

The Mānuka Honey in our vitamins and supplements has to meet the strict requirements of the New Zealand Government to ensure its purity and authenticity. Government scientists have identified four chemicals and a DNA marker which are unique to New Zealand Mānuka Honey and each batch used in Manuka Plus must be tested to ensure it contains certain levels of these five elements.

We are pleased to say that all Manuka Plus products are made with only genuine Mānuka honey that has been tested in this way, providing you with the best pure and reliable natural ingredients.

300 MGO strength Manuka

Made with high strength anti-microbial 300MGO Mānuka. 

The compound in Manuka honey that makes it special is called MGO, or Methylglyoxal. All our Manuka Plus vitamins and supplements are made with high grade Manuka honey that contains 300mg of natural anti-microbial Methylglyoxal per kg.

Merilyn Manley-Harris, associate professor of organic and analytical chemistry at the University of Waikato, New Zealand, says: "MGO is an antibacterial agent and research shows it is very difficult for bacteria to develop immunity to it because it has multiple methods of action.”

Scientifically proven ingredients

Proven by scientists. Proven by you. 

In order to create the perfect formulations for you, Manuka Plus vitamins and supplements are formulated with ingredients that meet the EFSA standard for health claims, where efficacy has been proven in independent clinical trials reviewed by the European Food Safety Agency.

These high quality nutrients are then turned into easy to take one-per-day tablets and capsules here in the UK in a factory which has achieved AA grade status in an independent food safety audit. In addition, all Manuka Plus products  have been approved by a UK Trading Standards Primary Authority.

The power of the hive

Contains well-“bee”-ing ingredients from the bee hive. 

As well as Mānuka Honey, the majority of Manuka Plus vitamins and supplements contain other wellbeing ingredients from the hive including: Propolis, a substance rich in amino acids and polyphenols. Royal Jelly, the main nutrition source of the queen bee and therefore rich in amino acids and nutrients. And Bee Pollen a high source of proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.